Terms & Conditions

Purchase Return Terms and Conditions:

Any returns must be requested within 2 weeks (14 days) from purchase date. Return requests outside of this time period will be treated as a "Buyback" and student may not be refunded full value of the book(s).

Rental Terms and Conditions:

1. Rental textbooks are the property of Legal Books Distributing and must be returned each semester (or 2 semesters in the case of a 2-term rental) in acceptable rental condition.

2. Rental textbooks are due back to Legal Books Distributing by the posted due date. If books are not returned by the deadline students will be charged for the full retail value of a new book.

3. All rentals have a 1-week grace period. After this grace period, any students with outstanding rentals will have the credit card they secured their rentals with at the time of initial purchase charged with the full, new, replacement value of each of their rentals.

4. It is the student’s responsibility to use the book and return it to Legal Books Distributing in acceptable rental condition.

5. Identifying stickers/labels on the books must remain intact and must not be removed.

6. The rental fee is refundable only if the book is returned within 2 weeks from the rental transaction date.

7. Legal Books Distributing or it’s designated collection agency may contact you by phone regarding your rental textbooks using the phone number you have provided at checkout.

Rental Refunds:

The student must return their book within 2 weeks of initial transaction with a copy of the receipt.  The rental fee is refundable only if the book is returned by this date.

Rental Lost, Stolen and Damaged Texts:

It is the sole responsibility of the student to notify Legal Books Distributing if a rented text is lost in transit, stolen or damaged in transit such that it is not in acceptable condition prior to the return date.  The new textbook purchase price minus the rental fee will be charged to the student’s account if this is not adhered to. If the book is recovered, and it is in usable condition, and still used in the course by the date it is returned to Legal Books Distributing, then the student shall receive any applicable credit.   Excessive highlighting, underlining, or marking in textbooks is not allowed and may result in the student being charged for a book replacement cost. Students will have 14 days from their initial rental date in which to inspect the book for excessive highlighting, underlining or marking.  If not reported, the student shall be deemed to have accepted the book in its current condition. (Note: Any access codes/1-time use codes or digital content is not considered in this evaluation. Most Rental books will NOT have these items when rented.)

Returning Rentals:

Please pack your book(s) well and return your rental(s) to:

Legal Books Distributing

Attn: Rental Returns

1739 N. Raymond Ave.

Anaheim, CA 92801