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Newly revised in 2018!

The most comprehensive book on how to succeed on the California Bar Examination ever written. This revolutionary new text represents over a decades worth of research and study bringing you the most advanced study tool, packed with the top learning technologies and exam taking strategies.

  • Over 100 past bar exam questions and answers

  • Full analysis of answers, with model answers using time allocation techniques and the Exam Evaluator feedback system

  • 10 strategies of bar exam writing

  • Includes torts, community property, evidence, criminal law & procedure, constitutional law, contracts, real property, civil procedure, corporations, wills & trusts, professional responsibility, and remedies

  • 6 Steps of Exam Taking

  • How to write a 90 answer

  • Top reading and outlining techniques

  • How to master headlining, visualization and fact retention strategies

  • What Bar Examiners expect from you

  • How your exam will be graded